About Us

Premium Grade: highest-grade CBD products manufactured in our GMP-certified, ISO 9001, and FDA-registered facilities.


Third-party and independently tested: all batches are tested for quality and potency ensuring consistency and purity and is verified through independent, third-party labs using HPLC analysis.


State Department of Agriculture: our hemp is fully compliant with the state department of agriculture regulations.


Industrial-hemp registered: our hemp is industrial-hemp registered and organically grown.


Farm Bill Compliant: all of our hemp is USA-grown in accordance with the 2018 US farm bill.

Her story: I started my company because I wanted to help people feel and live better. I was on a search to improve my own health, as I was feeling unwell, tired, fatigued, and my muscle soreness was almost debilitating.


I started researching CBD because I simply wanted to feel well and get back to being me. I learned very quickly that there is a wide range of purity and quality in the CBD industry. Also, when I started taking CBD, it was hard to find high-quality CBD products, and I questioned the quality and concentrations. I wanted the best, the purest CBD, and a source that I could trust. I wanted to know exactly what I was putting into my body, so I had to start my own company, RxCOMMEND.

After researching, sampling, educating, and fully immersing myself into the CBD industry, I knew I had to partner with the top growers and leading manufacturers to bring the best CBD products to you and the medical community. I named my company RxCOMMEND, because I believe it should be a more respected treatment plan, and the medical community should be recommending it more frequently to certain patients.


Now that I have incorporated RxCOMMEND CBD products into my daily routine, I have never felt better! I love using my tincture oils, topicals, and gummies because of the way I feel and live now. I am able to do the things I love: keeping up with my two active boys, practicing yoga, tennis, squash, getting back on my Peloton, lifting, running, and just having the energy to enjoy every day. I am back and better than ever!


I want to give others that same feeling! And, we developed amazing skincare products to help people look their best. I hope to help others be their best selves!

Our State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility

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